Zotero 7 Windows: Opening Zotero multiple times

It is very nice to be able to open Zotero multiple times, to see the library in different windows. I observe the following problems with it:
1) It reopens the same tabs saved from the previous session in each new Zotero instance. I would have expected the same behaviour as in Firefox, which is to open only one tab (the library here) when opening an additional Zotero window.
2) When multiple Zotero windows are open, I would expect that closing Zotero from File -> Exit would keep saved all the windows and tabs opened, and reopen in the same way when restarting Zotero (as in Firefox). But it seems to reopen only one window (the one from which I do the one I do the exit I guess).
3) I have tried to move tabs between windows. It switches the position of the tabs in the target window, but does not transfer the tab between windows as I would have expected.
  • There's no intentional change here. Can you explain what you're referring to?
  • Same here. I'm using the Raycast extension (Raycast Search Zotero
    ) to search and open documents. But with 7 beta update, the open action would select the target paper in current instance, and start a new Zotero instance.
  • Everytime I click on the shortcut to open Zotero, it starts Zotero again in a new window.
    See snapshot.
    Windows 10, Zotero 7.0.0-beta.2+39b8a3316
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    We've fixed the multiple windows opening in the latest beta.
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    Thank you. Hopefully the multiple windows opening of the library can come back soon in a more controlled way.
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