Citations don't update when I refresh (Libreoffice)

Hello! I work with Zotero in Libreoffice. I have modified some database entries, but pressing "update" does not show them in the document. In some cases, they just don't show up. On others, it shows an error message, and then works. There are some cases where this does work.
I already tried uninstalling Zotero, Libreoffice and reinstalling.
I already tried deleting the reference and putting it back. I also tried duplicating the item, deleting the old one, and trying the new one, without success.
I also tried, in the menu that is displayed in Libreoffice, choose "My library".
Libreoffice version:
Zotero version: 6.0.26
Libreoffice plugin version: 6.0.4.SA.6.0.26
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    EDIT: It is partially solved. The problem was the Chicago style. It capitalizes my titles, so I changed the language of each entry to la (latin). But this solution didn't work for some citations.
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