Zotero lagging every few seconds on Linux

I have Zotero installed on a Linux (RedHat) computer, 16GB of RAM, 12th gen i5 processor. Every time I scroll on the inbuilt reader, the program freezes for a couple of seconds before catching up. Similarly, it will periodically take a few seconds to acknowledge the action when I click on a menu or other options. I have tried disabling all plugins, clearing the search index, and clearing up some storage space, but to no success. It also works fine on my other, Windows, PC.

Any help would be appreciated.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for some operations that are slow (not in the PDF reader)?
  • Debug ID was D1803195621, thanks.
  • Just also did it with the PDF reader and received:

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    What were these meant to show? The first doesn't show any particularly noticeable delays — just about 1/3 of a second to switch between collections.

    There's nothing logged in the second one.

    You should make sure that all PDF tabs are closed and you've restarted Zotero before trying to reproduce any delays, to separate problems related to PDF file sizes from more general performance problems.
  • Just the delay I guess? The delays are definitely not related to PDF file sizes since the exact same delay occurs whether it's a 6000 page manual or a 10 page article.

    The collections delay isn't terrible - it's the PDF reader delay which is a big issue. I am unable to simply scroll through a 10 page PDF without a *minimum* one second delay occurring every page or two.
  • PDF scrolling wouldn't show up in the debug log, but what you describe also isn't normal. If you're seeing scrolling delays with small text-only PDF files, there's something else about your system that's interfering with normal operation.

    At this point, though, I'd try the Zotero 7 beta to see if you're still having problems with that.
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