Bug report- Accidentally deleting folder deletes it from the trash as well

When you click the triple dots next to your folder on Zotero web library, you get 4 options, one of which is 'delete'. If one accidently presses 'delete' instead of the other useful options, there is no warning, and the folder goes even from the trash.

This gave me a mini heart attack half an hour ago. Thankfully, I was connected through desktop and I booted my laptop, disconnected it from internet, took several backups of zotero, created a dublicate folder and then connected to the internet and synced, preventing data loss.

My point is- this is a weird bug. Keeping 'delete' just below 'rename', and not sending the deleted file to trash!
  • I agree this is not ideal, we might consider moving "delete" below all other options with a separator maybe.

    Please also note that:

    1. Other Zotero apps (desktop, iOS) do not put collections into trash, these are gone immediately.
    2. Items in the collection are unaffected and remain in your library, only the collection is removed

    A future version of Zotero and web library will make it possible to restore a deleted collection from the trash, once this happens
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