Zotero 7: Thank you for adding right-click case change for author names

This is great! : I recommend that you change the drop-down command from "capitalize" to "change case" or some other term because it doesn't make lower case into upper case names and it is best used to "un-capitalize" names.
  • edited May 23, 2023
    I don't know. "Capitalize" means to begin a word with a capital letter as much as or more than it means to use all uppercase letters. If something is all-uppercase, there's just sort of an implicit "Correctly".

    "Change Case" is too vague, and "Uncapitalize" is confusing and imprecise.

    Could say "Title Case", which we say for title fields, but it's not a title field. You "capitalize" names — you don't "title-case" them.

    The option appears for both all-lowercase and all-uppercase names and is disabled in other cases, so I think it's pretty clear what it does.
  • "Fix Case"? That would help clarify why it's disabled on authors that are already cased correctly.
  • I like Fix Case
  • Fix case is good. Toggle case?
  • OK, changed to Fix Case in the latest beta.
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