Zotero 7 beta change in behavior upon deleting a datum and move to next record

edited May 21, 2023
I don't know if this is an intentional change for data "safety".

Zotero 6 behavior: when I edit/delete metadata in the Pages field to remove an alphanumeric in that record, move to another record to do something similar to that new record, the edit/deletion is kept.

Zotero 7 When I do the same and move to another record my edit/deletion isn't kept and the old information remains. If I tab out of the pages field or click in the same record on another field, the old information is deleted when I move to a new record.

This is far from an important issue for me but it will require a bit of relearning an automatic habit I've grown used to over the past several years.

Explanation of my work process. When a journal article is ahead-of-print and without volume and issue number but with an article number; I delete the article number because for some journals that article number can change and when I am able to capture the complete metadata the old article can confuse me. As a matter of routine I sort my Zotero records from PubMed by volume and delete the pages field for all records without volume and issue numbers. I have a custom MODS exporter that replaces the blank volume, issue, and pages, fields with "ePub". Then my system will later re-poll the NLM to find the full metadata and the MeSH when the terms have been assigned.

If there is a reason to keep the new delete/tab or delete/return system I'll gladly relearn how to accomplish what I need to do.

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