Style Error: Manuscript fields for APA Format Style 7th ed.

APA Format Style 7th ed. guidelines (see pp. 336-337) recommend including both a Department Affiliation field and an Institution field for Manuscript items. Zotero should then append that information to a bibliography generated for manuscripts. Thank you in advance for reading!
  • Just put both in Institution. I don't think we'll add that level of detail in the metadata
  • That works. Is Institution slated to be added then? Currently the field immediately after Type is Place. I tried adding both my department and university to the Place field, but it wasn't incorporated into the generated bibliography.
  • edited May 22, 2023
    If you put it in Extra like this, it should work:
    Publisher: University of Minnesota, Department of Psychology
  • Thank you so much, that's working great!
  • @dstillman Manuscript should get an Institution field like Report
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