Can I sort the collections under "My Library" ?

At the moment the collections under "My Library" are shown in alphabetical order. Is there a way to change this and get _reverse_ alphabetical or sorting by the time an item was last added?

That is kind of useful if I am importing a bunch of things on a given project because the "given project" will be at the top of the list when I do "Add to Collection" or try to drag it onto the collection icon.

  • No, though you can prefix things by 0_ (or so) to sort them to the top
  • The sqlite database does track the last change of the collection. And the items must be somehow sorted in the current interface (they do not appear alphabeticaly by magic!). So I am asking if this is a difficult feature to implement...
  • I'd assume it's more messy than technically hard. Also not something that people ask much for -- arbitrary sort comes up a fair amount, but that's actually tricky
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