Seach and highlight 2 different words inside pdf

Hi, can i search 2 different words inside the same pdf document, like all words "dna-pk" and "pi3k" and highlight both?

I tried to see if i can do any boolean inside the zotero pdf reader, but i don't know if there a syntax for this.

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    You can find an attachment with multiple non-contiguous words using the main search bar in the library view, but it's not possible to search for and highlight non-contiguous words in the PDF reader. (We could think about supporting that, but I don't know of any document-based software — other than advanced text editors that support regular expressions — that allows that.)
  • @dstillman support for RegEx in PDF full text search would be amazing!! I have to resort to using another app (DEVONthink) for this purpose – it's overkill for the job but its the only app I know of (for macOS) that supports RegEx search for PDF text content.
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