right-click on collections or items not functioning properly in zotero 7?

after upgrading to zotero 7, somehow when I right-click on a collection or an item, the context menu will show and disappear instantly, then the first choice is selectedly automatically.

This leads to:
1. create new collection popup window when right click on a collection in the collection pane
2. open the attachment when clicking on an item

I have created a debug report. D104682863
  • all the plugins are disabled; I've tried restarting computer, when I restart zotero, there might be a small period that the right-click can work properly, which lasts around 1s-3s.
  • The same problem. Now I have to use the right key on the keyboard. I hope it can be fixed.
  • What OS? I don't see this on Linux
  • Windows 11 22H2 22621.1105
  • I can reproduce this on Windows — it only happens there. We'll fix.

    In the meantime, to clarify, you don't need to use the keyboard. You can just keep the right mouse button held down until you make your selection.
  • Nice, thanks for your great work.
  • The positioning of the context menu is still wrong, but I've put a temporary fix for this in the latest beta. Thanks for reporting.
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