Cannot open PDFs


I seem to have an issue when adding new files to Zotero. They won't open.

When I double click on a file in my library (recently added ones) the Adobe Acrobat Reader app is launched but the file does not open. This does not happen with my existing files. I double click and they open fine. This makes me think is something with a recent update?

I already reinstalled Adobe to see if that was the issue, I also tried using Preview and same thing happens, application gets launched but the file does not open.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you!
  • If you right-click and choose Show File, can you open the files from there?

    What macOS version?
  • I am experiencing the same problem as described by estefita91 and I reported it with the Report ID 1930775980.

    Some more details:
    - This does not always happen and I do not know when or when not. Here is the DOI to a paper which will cause this problem:
    - Zotero actually *breaks the file* when copying it into the zotero folder. When doing right click -> "show file" and trying to open this file from the Finder window, nothing happens. This is independent of what PDF viewer I try (Preview, Acrobat Reader, Skim). Moreover, the original PDF file (before adding to zotero) works perfectly fine.
    - I experienced the problem for the first time some weeks ago.
    - MacOS Ventura 13.3.1 (a)

    I would appreciate an help! Thanks!
  • @kiefer89: This was a bug in Ventura that was fixed in 13.4.
  • @dstillman: Thanks a lot. Updating macOS actually resolved this issue.
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