Help! Want to unlink document completely, but it won't get rid of old Zotero links

Hi, I'm trying to clean up an old shared Google Doc that has been copied multiple times to/from Word and Google Docs - it's a mess. I just want to clear all of the Zotero formatting so that everything is unlinked and I can edit manually. Right now it says that my citations have become unlinked - but the Zotero formatting is still there (when I click on a reference it gives me an option to "Edit with Zotero). But when I try to Unlink the document I get an error message saying "You must insert a citation before performing this operation." How do I clear the whole document of Zotero formatting? Thanks!
  • edited May 27, 2023
    @kgrillo: If you're still trying to do this, we've just created a dedicated page for this — see Unlinking Citations. (My previous answer here included a link to a page with the relevant shortcut but also described something different. Sorry for the confusion.)
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