MarkDB connect for zotero couldn't open obsidian markdown note

I have set the bibnote fomate in obsidian, the highlighe note from zotero to obsidian to note could be created in obsidian, and the MarkdownDB connect preference had select the same folder as obsidian note, the MarkdownDB connect sync tags is synced succesful, ony when I select open markdown note on the item in zotero coulldn't linked to obsidian note. when I click the "open markdown note" ,there is no any response.
Could anynone tell me what is the reason cause that situation.
  • this really sounds like it'd be a question for the Obsidian plugin, not Zotero?
  • thanks for your reply. which Obsidian plugin, Bibnotes formatter? I try to create notes in Obsidian with plugin citations and updating Bibnote from GitHub, but no matter how to do the problem still no change. and the same plugin of Zotero and Obsidian add to my colleague's computer, and everything is ok.
  • I also try to uninstall my Zotero to set up the same version as my colleague's. still can't open the markdown note to Obsidian.
  • which Obsidian plugin
    Whatever you're using? We don't have anything to do with Obsidian integration.
  • I dont think so, every option step in obsidian don't have problem. also, When i select show markdown file it worked. Only select Open markdown note have not respeonse.
  • I still think the problem is MarkDB connect plugin
  • edited May 20, 2023
    We don't have anything to do with anything you're talking about, so there's no point in posting about it here.

    We're happy to help with Zotero itself here, but we can't help with third-party plugins. You'll need to ask the developer of whatever software you're using.
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