black highlighter is needed for cloze


I don't want to dive right into the middle of productivity hell and i just want to see one simple addition in zotero, just in zotero. so i may able to use cloze deletion in Zotero.

Black highlight color with hover selector.

Process: Highlight the text (area) with black color. Hover on it and it reveals the answer.

Why i don't want to use other apps? Not all PDFs are equally well OCR-ed. Extracted texts aren't good always and also process of extracting annotations, adding to other app and arranging clozes are really time consuming. But in zotero while highlighting it doesn't care about the OCR quality, it just highlights area if there are even any meaningless texts. So exporting to other apps not always a good idea, time is precious.

I did a little search before post but i couldn't find my answer exactly. If you have any workaround for this please let me know, i would be appreciated.


PS: Black highlighter also could be used for removing distracting, not needed texts from document.
  • Or at least there is an option box when clicking over annotation, you can add comment and tags in that box. "hover to reveal" checkbox would be nice with added black highligter color option.
  • I think there is also another issue about colours. Their obacity/alpha/transparency, i believe even i am able to change or add "black" colour to application. I couldn't handle opacity and i couldn't black out the document efficiently.

    In duplicated thread i was exited about the arrive of zotero 7 and i wouldn't see those changes so i felt a necessity/urge to post, sorry for that. It was about colour pallatte addition.

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