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Some publishers do "interesting" things with titles; in particular some sites (e.g. Emerald, see 10.1016/S1479-8387(04)01102-6) have titles all in capital letters.

Fore example, when presented with a title such as REFLECTING “KNOWLEDGE” IN STRATEGY RESEARCH: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES AND METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES it's a real chore to change titles when they are like this (but I need to do it for APA). It would be nice if there was a little button beside the title that either (1) made it all lower case, so I could quickly correct it, or better yet (2) put the title into sentence case.
  • Right-click on the title in viewing mode -> Transform Text

    By default Zotero should title case titles automatically, but I noticed when looking into your Add Item by Identifier issue that that didn't seem to be happening for items saved via that function. We'll look into why not.
  • I really like the transform text function. I wonder why I never spotted that before.

    This problem happens in other situations as well. Looking at:


    The page is correctly recognised and offers me "Save to Zotero (Wiley Interscience)". The title on the page (and as added to Zotero) is:

    'Borrowing' Theory: What Does This Mean and When Does It Make Sense in Management Scholarship?
  • Wait, what's the issue there?
  • The title is in mixed upper- and lower-case. Ideally it should be:

    Borrowing' theory: What does this mean and when does it make sense in management scholarship?
  • I.e. It's title case not sentence case (which is what APA will need when I do my bibliography).
  • http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/10335/
  • Hi there,
    I have an improvement I would like to see to Title Case.
    Some of the articles I cite have quotation marks in, so when I select title case,

    'Bringing home the bacon' (for example)


    'bringing Home the Bacon'

    Could this be amended? It happens with brackets, too.

    (Searched for this query elsewhere but couldn't find it - thanks).

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