Style request: The Linguistic Society of Japan (ENG)


I'd like to request a new style to be added. The request is for the style sheet of the linguistic society of Japan. This is for their English references. Should I make another request for the Japanese style sheet?

ISSN: 00243914

In-text citation:
(Campbell and Pedersen 2007)
(Mares 2001)

Campbell, John L. and Ove K. Pedersen (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies 40(3): 307–332.
Mares, Isabela (2001) Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In: Peter A. Hall & David Soskice (eds.) Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage, 184–213. New York: Oxford University Press.

If you refer to a specific page or a range of pages in an in-text citation, the page number(s) is/are separated by a colon and a space. En-dash is used for page ranges. Ex.
(Campbell and Pedersen 2007: 330)
(Mares 2001: 186–190).

Here is an example paper from the journal in English:

They have also a word template for their submissions. This is a direct download link to the template: It can be found under the headline 3. Manuscripts on this page
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