How should the scientific work workflow be in zotero?

With a few of my friends, we were discussing how to use zotero on topics such as writing an article on zotero, examining research results, collecting data from the findings section of the articles.

Then we wanted to create a guide to help new graduate students in this regard. I request you to write down your scientific working method step by step and if you are using other programs, I would like you to explain how you use it.

In short, what do you do when using zotero in your scientific studies? and what habits would you recommend for new students to adopt?

Thanks in advance for any help expanding the discussion.
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    If you want a structured systematic approach, ZotLog has some useful concepts.
    (easily translated with Chrome's or other browsers' translators)

    There are complex note-taking workflows all over youtube involving exporting Zotero notes to the proliferation of zettlekasten/notes apps (eg Obsidian, Notion, Onenote, etc etc). You can waste hours watching their proponents' videos. I rather doubt half those apps will still be around in a few years.

    It would be good if there was more discussion of best practices for Zotero use.

  • Yes, I think you are very right. It is a good idea to take the Zekalsten method and equip them with tags. But the aftermath is not explained much. I think there is an insight and we didn't understand it. Anyone have other methods?
  • While some "rather doubt half those apps will still be around in a few years," something like Obsidian that uses .md notes will be forever available to you because you are not locked in through some proprietary file type. You can take your folder of notes and take it anywhere you want, and still access and interact with them as much as you want even without Obsidian, with just a text reader.
  • obsidyen konusunda da haklı olabilirsiniz. Ben zotero 6 daki ek açıklamalar ve ek notların kullanımını kendi içimde tam içselleştiremedim. Bunun yanında obsidyen ve cherytree gibi not alma programlarının kaliteli ve hızlı not tutmayı kişiye zaman içinde öğretsede, kullanımı hakkında içgörüsü olmayan (bazen benim ve arkadaşlarım gibi) insanların bu tip programların nasıl kullanılabileceğine dair anlatımlara muhtaç kaldığına inanıyorum.

    bu nedenle de her türlü öneriye açığım ve belki de kendime uygun bir not alma notlardan yayın oluşturma sistemi arıyorum.
  • You may be right about obsidian. I haven't fully internalized the use of additional comments and annotations in Zotero 6. Furthermore, while programs like Obsidian and Cherrytree can teach individuals efficient and rapid note-taking over time, I believe that people without insight into their usage (sometimes including myself and my friends) rely on instructions on how to use such programs.

    Therefore, I am open to any suggestions and perhaps searching for a note-taking and publication system that suits me.

    It would be good if there was more discussion of best practices for Zotero use.
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