order of same year same author in text citations

i have 4 references, all different, but same year and same author, sometimes same publication (but different page). When using APA 7th edition, the in text citations appear in sequence a, d, c, b as you progress through the text. This happens to be the order they appear in the zotero library, which i guess is no coincidence. I would like the in text citations to appear in sequence a, b, c, d as you progress through the text, Do i have to re-order the citations in my library for this to happen?
  • The order of your citations within the Zotero software has no relation they are then rendered within your document.
    That order is defined by the citation style you are using and in the case of APA this will certainly be correct how it is done. It is by far one of the top 3 styles we have people use, extremely closely monitored and developed by the style developer.
  • You are mistaken about the APA manual guidelines for the a, b, c, d letters. They are determined by the order of the items in the references list, not the order of appearance in the document. The reference list is sorted alphabetically by authors, then by year, then alphabetically by title.
  • @bwiernik -- not sure if you saw this in the other thread -- the APA 7 CSL sorts items by full date even if that's not actually given in the bibliography -- are you sure that's correct?
  • This is fixed now
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