Timeline for inclusion of saved search fix in beta?

A month ago it was mentioned here that the dev version now includes a fix for the problem with syncing saved searches that reference collections. I've been waiting eagerly for this fix to be rolled out in the regular beta version, and I'm just wondering if it's possible to give some indication of when this might happen. I've been putting off creating some of the complex saved searches I want to create, because I'd rather not have to re-create them when the fix comes (and I want to be able to use them on multiple computers). Anyway, any forecasts regarding the schedule for the next beta update would be appreciated.
  • +1 (I also would love to have this functionality available).

    Any news on this?
  • It's already included in the current version.
  • Have you had problems syncing saved searches in Zotero 2.0? It seems to be working fine for me, although I had to re-create some of the saved searches I had created in older versions of Zotero, as these searches had become corrupted.
  • I just revisited the issue and you are right: it works. I find it, however very counter-intuitive that the user does not see any items in the central item list of the guy when on the left the saved search is selected rather than the library the search is associated with - this is how my assumption of the search not working came about ...

    My setup now looks as so: via a "Saved Search" for collection-membership, a specific collection from my private library is "mirrored" in a group library (private as well). I'm not very happy with this, as the PDF files associated in the private collection are NOT accessible via the search. Can that be changed?
    The alternative is clearly to just move all items from that particular collection into the group library, but I just realized that my extensive "Related" annotations are not copied along - can that be solved instead?
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