Add PDF from a Website that hides the Files URL.

HI there. I'm having a small problem saving some PDF documents to Zotero.
Some Websites offer Papers in PDF form, but they hide the direct URL to the PDF file. This one for example:

Is there a way to still save the PDF to Zotero without having to manually save the file and load into Zotero?

If not... Whats the fastest way to manually save files to Zotero?

  • open the pdf using a firefox pdf plugin (adobe or pdf x-change) then click on zotero's "create item from current page" button - it will save just the pdf to zotero (albeit with a weird name) so that you can then use the "retrieve metadata" function.
    All of this for zotero 2.0b
  • Hmm...

    When I try this (with any PDF, not just this one, and not just one's with obscured URLs) I get a webpage item, not a standalone PDF. In this case it has a title of "get.php (application/pdf Object)". To use retrieve metadata I then have to save a child attachment and drag the child attachment away from the parent. I use Zotero 2.0b7.6, firefox 3.5.6, windows vista sp2.

    This behaviour was the original behaviour of the "create new item" button and has reappeared either in this version or the version before. In fact I made the original feature request for the behaviour adamsmith describes, back when the "standalone snapshot" button was removed. This was specifically to allow easy use of "retrieve metadata".

    I was just wondering whether this is a regression, a deliberate change or something peculiar to my setup?

    With regard to trala-la's issue, just a note to say that if you want the PDF as an attachment to an existing item you can open the PDF in firefox and then drag the favicon (the little icon to the left of the address bar) onto the appropriate item in Zotero.
  • weird -I have the same version of zotero and FF, though on linux and I get just the pdf as I describe above.
  • I'm a bit snowed under ATM (both literally, and with work, as it happens), but when I get a chance I'll see if I can replicate the behaviour in a fresh firefox profile.
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