Database size changed after manual repair of zotero.sqlite; possibility of data loss?

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Immediately after running "sqlite3 zotero.sqlite < dump.sql" following, the size of zotero.sqlite was increased by about 3~4 MB. However, after reopening Zotero to load the database, its size was decreased by about 15~20MB. Even though the database integrity is OK after the manual repair, I'm still worried about the possibility of data loss when running the "sqlite3 zotero.sqlite .recover > dump.sql" to recover all the data from scratch. So is there any method to check for possible data loss during the manual repair by running the commands in
  • It's normal for the size to be smaller when rebuilding the database. Data is stored contiguously, so it's more space-efficient.

    If the database is working at all, it's fairly unlikely that you'd be missing any visible data (items, collections, etc.). The corruption was most likely in an index, which can be rebuilt without any data loss.

    Even if it was in a data table itself, it would've most likely been in the full-text-search tables. If you find that Everything/Attachment Content searches aren't matching items, you could rebuild the index from the Search pane of the preferences, but I wouldn't worry about it now.
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