Syncing note images via WebDAV

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  • @dstillman Hello~ I also encountered this problem. And in my case I'm using a Win10 laptop and an iPadOS16 tablet. As I also have a too many files to sync, I configured the 'file syncing' settings as using WebDAV. I'm wondering if there is any solution to sync images in notes through WebDAV. Thanks!
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    Yes, images in notes sync via WebDAV. If you're having trouble, see Files Not Syncing.
  • Thanks for your reply! And I'm sorry for violating the rules of our forum...... I've checked the steps in the trouble-shooting and stucked at step 5 because I'm not sure whether the note images are uploaded to the WebDAV server successfully. The storage folder of the related item is named '6DTXLU4X', and '6DTXLU4X.prop' and '' are also in my WebDAV server. Should I move on to step 6? Thanks!
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    Oh, you're asking about syncing with an iPad. (Note that the thread you posted to wasn't about iOS at all.) The iOS app still uses the old note editor from before Zotero 6, when support for images in notes was added, so it won't yet show images in notes.
  • Oh, I didn't realized that the iOS app is the key for this problem before. And there is another minor problem. In the Web Library, the note images are also white blank squares, with a window poped up saying "Error Received error from Zotero server: Not found." Is it because that the Web Library doesn't support for images in notes?
  • It does, but you're using WebDAV, so the files are stored on your WebDAV server, which the Zotero web library obviously can't access.
  • Got it! Thanks a lot!
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