JSON-LD (schema.org) support status?

Not sure where the best place for this is, so putting this here since it's mostly about the approach, not so much the technical details, but happy to continue on zotero-dev or github if you prefer.
Working on dataset import recently, I've noticed how many pages now have JSON-LD in the header, almost always using schema.org vocabulary and often with very high quality metadata.
We've been talking about supporting this for a _long_ time, and I'm wondering whether we aren't letting more ambitious 'perfect' plans (wrapping it into a single super-EM translator with DOI, COINS etc., using it for full-roundtrip export, etc.) be the enemy of the good in the form of better EM import and easier translator coding.

Any thoughts on a timeline and an incremental approach to adding JSON-LD (import) support?
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