Returning to metadata view from PDF reader sometimes fails

When I am done reading a paper, I want to mark it as 'read'. Trying to do this has exposed some useability issues (see below) and an interface bug (described here).

I usually open a manuscript in the metadata/info view mode and then select "View PDF" to start reading. This means that when I am done reading, I can use the back button to return to the metadata interface and add whatever tags I need. Often, however, the back button takes me to the library/collection view where the list of items is empty. Switching to another collection and back repopulates the manuscript list, but now the highlighting of the manuscript I just read is lost and I have to search by hand through 1000s of entries to find it. This is wrong.
I find that this issue of the blank collection view occurs if I have put the iPad to sleep while the PDF reader view was active (but it seems to be inconsistent). It often happens that a long manuscript is read over several sessions and the state of the Zotero database may have changed during this time (not sure how to test this reliably).

I think this behaviour is a bug in its current form. It would be less of a problem though if there was some better way to get to the metadata edit interface from the PDF reader (see my suggestions for fixes below).

I am happy to provide more info to help solve this issue.

This is related to feature requests I made while the iOS app was still in beta - but the issues are still unresolved:
#93053 "Feature request: Switching between PDF view and metadata/info [iOS Beta]"
#90163 "[iOS Beta, iPad] Feature request: Add tags from within PDF reader"
  • I want to support this request. I also think it would be great if one could open the metadata/info-view when inside a pdf. Sometimes I open pdfs with no information in them about the author or title or where I have to go to the front page of a very long document to find that information. Having this more accessible on the side like in the desktop version would make it a lot easier.
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