(Help) Drag to folder w/o opening folder

edited April 20, 2023
Hello :)
When I drag a document into a folder, it often opens this folder.
This is quite annoying, as I need to get back to the folder I am working on, or re-do a research.
Is there a way to prevent Zotero from opening folders when dragging a document?
Thank you very much, you will save many hours of my lifetime
  • What kind of computer?

    This generally just means you're clicking accidentally while over the collection. We've seen this particularly on Mac laptops with Force Touch enabled, where people accidentally trigger the Force Touch during the drag, which counts as a mouse click.
  • I indeed have a Mac. Thank you very much for your help! That'll change a lot. I had no knowledge of Force Touch.
    Have a good day
  • I checked, disabled Force Touch, and took care, but Zotero keeps opening the folders when dragging documents into... If anyone has an idea :)
  • Just ran into the same behavior. Thank you for the solution!

    (I was unaware of any force-touch feedback causing the folder to open. Nonetheless disabling force touch DID eliminate the problem in my case.)
  • I have the same problem, and it drives me nuts. I'm on Mac OS High Sierra, using a touchpad, I've disabled force-click. Maybe it's related to hovering behavior? If I'm dragging an item over to a collection, and I hesitate either on approach or lift my finger off the trackpad too slow, it's going to open the collection folder. But I can't move my fingers as quickly and lightly as zotero requires, and have to repeatedly go back and search through a couple of hundred articles to find my spot. It won't help to do the right-click "add to collection" because I also have a long list of collections. Could we have the option of disabling "put focus on the collection" in settings?
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