Is there some way to have images in child notes to show in reports?

Can I somehow make images pasted into child notes appear as such when I generate a report? I've pasted images into notes, which works fine, but when I generate a report from the Zotero item, under 'Notes:' there's only a link – the image per se does not show up.

It would be very handy to be able to include images in reports. I have large collections of newspaper material that partly consists of non-OCR PDF scans of newspaper pages (the rest consists of text that I have pasted into child notes). In Acrobat, I've simply selected the section of interest in the PDF and dragged it as an image to a child note of a Zotero item, which works well. It's just that I cannot seem to get the image to appear in the report.

If I could generate a report with text and/or image notes, I could read the newspaper articles – whether as text or images – in chronological order, which make my research task a lot simpler.
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