xournal++ [annotation files, path?]

I'm trying to use zotero on arch.
I annotate the files with xournal++.
Now the default location of the annotation files [.xopp] is identical to the PDF's location.
So my question would be: Do I have to keep the zotero database clean and thus not put the annotation files there or does it not matter (which I highly doubt)?
  • Since it's not the database but just the storage folder, It doesn't matter, but the .xopp files won't sync, so you'd lose access to annotations on a different computer (you're aware, I take it, that you can just annotate in Zotero?)
  • edited April 17, 2023
    oh yeah, storage i mean.
    ok then i'll better keep the annotation files updated separately via github or whathaveyou.

    yes, i'm aware. in fact i think your pdf viewer is pretty neat already.
    it's just that i've put arch onto a surface book and need the stylus function when reading.
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