Error ID 1135612969: Latvian characters (with apostrophe e.g. '+n to produce ņ) not working in notes

On Mac: When writing a text in notes, Latvian characters with diacritical notes (eg ā, ē, š etc) that are commonly made by pressing apostrophe followed by the character, do not work. They might work for one time, but then stop working. The characters still can be produced by pressing option+character. I submitted a error report 1135612969 ID. I work on MacBook Ventura 13.2.1., Zotero 6.0.23
  • The characters work perfectly well in Annotations
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    Is this with the "U.S. International - PC" keyboard setting?

    See for the explanation and for a workaround if you don't want to use the standard Mac methods for entering those characters.
  • The most common way of writing Latvian characters is apostrophe+the character. This is how it is done on both PC and Mac computers although other methods do exist. When one chooses Latvian keyboard on mac OS keyboard settings this is also how the characters are normally expected to work (on previous versions there were separate keyboards, but now is just one called "Latvian". My point is not that in Zotero or elsewhere I cannot use the normal way of entering Latvian accented characters, but that:
    1) apostrohope+character method works well in Zotero Annotations;
    2) it sometimes works once (but just once) in Zotero Notes
    3) it used to work perfectly well in Notes before
    4) apostrophe+character method works well in all other places outside Zotero
    hence: it seems as a bug in Zotero.

    And this is important, because in Latvian the accented characters are very often used - sometimes two, three times per word
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    Again, see the linked comments. If the Latvian macOS keyboard uses the same sort of entry mode as "U.S. International - PC", that's good to know, but it's the same explanation and the same workaround.

    Zotero 6 introduced a new note editor, and annotation comments and notes use different editors, so how it used to work and how it works in annotations aren't relevant.
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