spell check on linux within notes...

For years spell check in Zotero within notes would underline misspelled words, but one could not right click to access suggested alternatives. This was fixed somewhere around version 6. There was much rejoicing.

Within reading mode, of PDFs, I am currently experiencing the inability to correct misspelled words. They show as underlined. This is just within notes created within reading mode. Replicate via: Open PDF, read within Zotero, click top button in center screen to add new note. Misspell word. Word is highlighted. word is not selectable for corrections.

environment: Zotero 6.0.22 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.
  • edited April 13, 2023
    Annotations use a different editor, and the new spell-check options aren't available there, but that's planned (if we can do it on a technical level).
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