error when filling the author field

i run zotero 6.0.23 under macOs 13.2.1
when i fill the "author" field it happens that
i write the "last name"
then i tap "tab" to go the "first name" field,
at that point the cursor jumps to the "title translation" field
and if i click with the pointer on the "first name" field,
the focus remains in the "title translation" field
but in the "extra" field a string "title translation:" starts to appear,
and multiplies itself at every click in the "first name" field.

to stop all this and to be able to insert the first name i must click outside the info panel, on anything in the other panes; then i re-click on the "first name" field and it is now fillable; apparently it happens with any item (book, email, journal, report, ecc.) i choose.

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    at that point the cursor jumps to the "title translation" field
    You're using a third-party plugin. You'll have to ask for help from the plugin developer.
  • Hi,
    I have the exact same problem (Zotero 6.0.23, Ubuntu 20.04): it comes from the plugin Zotero PDF Translate (I have the latest version to this date: 1.0.20). If you turn it off, everything works fine. I'll try to contact the developer (windingwind)
  • Hi again,
    Temporary fix: Go to Zotero EDIT > Preferences > Translate
    Untick Info Panel "Show Title Translation" and maybe "Show Abstract Translation".
    This fixed it for me ;-)
  • it works, thanks !
  • Thank you so much @mescande for this fix, this error was driving me crazy!
  • Thanks @mescande for the solution
    You may also need to untick the sidebar:autofocus option

    Best regards
  • Sorry for the long delay in fixing the bug.

    I've released pdf-translate 1.1.0-1, which is a beta for Zotero 7. This bug should be fixed after that version.

    The Z6 version is no longer maintained and thus will not fix this bug there.
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