Image search (for e.g. math notations)

One good feature to have in Zotero's pdf viewer might be the ability to search for a image (such as a mathematical notation, for which the text searching function usually doesn't give any useful result). Is there already an add-on for that?
  • @CarlJunior No that's not what I meant. The feature I want is that say I'm in the middle of a long paper and there's this notation the meaning of which I do not know or have forgotten, now what I want Zotero to do is that I can draw a box over it and have it search for its occurrences in the current document or my entire library. Google's image search usually will not search for the image inside random papers floating over the internet.
  • Does this exist in any other somewhat comparable software?

    I don't really see this happening -- indexing every image in every attached file in Zotero (which this would require) would be a hugely challenging and computation-intensive process.
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