internal reader zoom to page height issue with


a small issue with the "zoom to height" function in the internal reader on mac:

when a pdf contains pages of different height, typically when the first page or two comes from the database where it is downloaded from (jstor or other) that first page can be taller than the following pages. when scrolling down, the zoom remains stuck on the page height of the first page and does not readjust to the new page height of the following pages.

this is on top of the problem with the "zoom to page height" not being "sticky" in that when scrolling with the mouse rather than keyboard arrows or using the search functions, overlapping pages appear in a "continuous" manner. i have pointed this out in another thread.

thank you for developping this app!

  • Not much we can do about that. We can only suggest to delete the first page. You can do that from page thumbnails view in the sidebar.
  • Adobe Reader corrects for this. When you scroll to the next page it automatically adjusts the Zoom if you have chosen Two Page View or Single Page View (that is their option of fixed to page heigth).

    If with the iOS app (thak you so much for developping this!) Zotero is pushing the users to use the internal reader, the internal reader should have comparable functionality to other major pdf readers for people who read a ton of pdfs all the time.

    Please add that function. I am not a programmer, but it does not seem so difficult to tell the app to rezoom when scrolling if "Zoom to page height" is on.
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