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i have been using the ios now for two months almost daily and i have three recommendations on how to improve it:

+ make the background a little darker or allow choosing the background color. i find the darker background in adobe reader creates for a more comfortable reading environment (this applies equally to the zotero reader on the mac)
+ for some reason when zotero is open on the ipad, the ipad never goes to sleep thus depleting batter much quicker. my ipad is set to go to sleep after 2 min and it works well with other apps.
+ this is already discussed elsewhere, but adding an optional feature for automatic download of all the attached files would be amazing. the current "download attachments" is a little spotty.

thank you for developping this app. it has really improved my life.

  • Hi!

    I would add two items to the list if they are not already in works:

    + if you highlight a text selection and then click on the highlight and add a comment in the comment field in the little box that opens, nothing in the file later shows that this highlighted text has added commentary. It would be useful if such a highlight had a note icon appear next to it. Otherwise I am not able to see which highlights have comments attached to them and which do not.
    + within the comments field once you use the apple pencil to write a comment and then click “show keyboard”, you only get a micro keyboard like on a phone screen. Even after you attach the Apple Pencil to the iPad you still only have the uncomfortable micro keyboard. I disovered that one can get the normal full screen width keyboard by double tapping thr text field but there is no button to switch back to the bigbkeyboard view.

    Just two tips to make the app more userfriendly.

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    You'll want to start separate threads for separate issues. It's too hard to address things when there are lots of different topics in the same thread.
  • moved the second recommendations into a new thread. thanks!
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