item type report: editor as well as author; multiple institutions; library listing

I have a lot of entries in my library that are classified as reports.

Three requests:

* There are some cases where a report has an editor and several separate contributors, rather than a single author (or no named author); this option is particularly needed where you want to cite a 'report section' authored by a particular individual but have to choose 'book section' instead, with complications for consistency.

* In addition, reports are often published by multiple institutions; could this be added as an option? (this is easier to fix, however, since you can just say institution x and institution y in the institution field).

* it would be helpful if reports without an individual author could sort by institution in the library, rather than by title, so that you can find them even if you can't remember the title.
  • 1) adding other creator types is planned. For now, you can enter editor in the Extra field like this to have them appear in citations:
    Editor: Smith || John A.

    2) CSL styles don’t have a notion of multiple publishers. Like you say, you should enter them together into the one Institution field.

    3) You should enter the Institution as an author (in single field mode—click the bar next to the author field to switch modes) in these cases
  • 1. You can add editors to reports (and any item types that don't have them) using
    Editor: Lastname||Firstname in Extra.

    I don't think there's much of a chance of 2 or 3 happening anytime soon (2 is a major change to the data model, 3 is very difficult to do in a predictable/intelligible way across multiple item types in the library). FWIW, re: 3 -- for most citation styles, entering the institution as a single field author will produce better citations than leaving it blank.
  • Thanks on 1 which is already very useful; for 2 & 3 I thought that might be the case (& what I already do), but can't hurt to ask.
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