Citation dialog opens with a long delay on Windows and Word

edited April 3, 2023
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  • I have this problem too. Zotero can take *an extremely long time* to bring up the citation insert pop-up window after hitting "Add/Edit Citation". Sometimes it's fine and loads in a few seconds, but at other times it can seriously take about 3 minutes and completely disrupts the work flow. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it is slow vs okay, but in general I think about half the time I try to insert a citation I get this enormous delay.

    Yes I'm working with a large document but I've been able to in the past with no problem. The issue seems to have started after I migrated to a new computer - but it's running a 12th gen Intel i5 processor, SSD hard drive and 32 GB of RAM, so hardware-wise there's nothing to suggest the computer itself would be slow. I'm on Windows 10, which I'd also been using on my previous 7 year old laptop and never had this problem with Zotero.

    If there's any suggestions or updates I've love to know. I'd really prefer not to have to split my document or work in another citation style just to get around it.
  • Could you produce two Debug IDs from Zotero? One for when the citation window open slowly, and one, where it opens fast.

    It is expected to be slower after restarting Zotero, or when starting to work on a new document, so preferably do this not as the initial attempt after a restart.
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