Filter Folder names?

edited March 30, 2023

I asked a similar question about search, but this one is different. I am wondering if there is a way (via plugin or otherwise) to filter items appearing in the folder view. I have several hundred folders in some relatively deep trees (maybe 4-5 levels of sub-collections) and would like to access some specific ones quickly for filing new content. Is there a way to filter folders (collections and sub-collections) by name?
  • Also no -- there have been versions of this (e.g. a collection name search) requested before, but currently nothing of the kind exists.
  • +1 on this suggestion. Several other threads discuss Searching Folder Names which helps locate a collection but doesn't help to focus the view on just the items you need or want to see.
  • Hi @hughp3, how do you manage the hundreds of folders you have? I'm having tens of them and without folder search it's already hard to navigate.
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