High CPU usage

I just opened Zotero and didn't do anything. Zotero takes up up to 50% of the CPU! The M1 chip Mac I use. I hope developers can optimize it!
  • That's not normal. If you're using any third-party plugins, try disabling them.
  • Thank you for your reply! But I regret to tell you that's the truth! I don't know what the problem is between Zotero and my Mac. Or the McOS?
  • Have you tried disabling add-ons?
  • Thank you very much, it seems to be a problem with a specific plug-in, I have closed that plug-in, and the problem has been solved. But when I used Zotero before, I still felt a bit stuck. I hope that the 7.0 version of Zotero can optimize this problem. Thanks again to you developers for developing such an excellent product, and I hope to see more features in 7.0!
  • What plug-in was causing the problem?
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