How to export item titles, abstracts and keywords (tags) only?

I would like to export item titles, abstracts and keywords (tags) only and do it in plan text for further text processing.

Alternatively, I would like to create/modify a citation style for my purpose. It's not really a citation, since I just want to get out titles, abstract, and keywords/tags.

I'd appreciate ssuggestions, pointers in the right direction.

  • Tags are not available in citation styles, so you need export.
    You can either use the existing CSV export and delete the unneeded columns or manually modify the export script (CSV.js) to only export those three.
  • I was able to achieve part of my goal by quick&dirty modification of APA 7th with abstract (thnx Brenton M. Wiernik!). I just left title and abstract.

    How can I get keywords or tags in it?


  • Thnx Adam! that's very useful I will modify CSV.js

    Looks like CSV.js is in ~/Zotero/translators. right?

  • exactly -- I'd recommend making a copy, renaming, (importantly!) changing the translator ID, and then working with that. The new translator will only be available after restarting Zotero.
  • Thanks! works!
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