Entry type "expert"


is it possible to extend the item types by a "expert" entry type. So it would be possible to make a kind of personal "yellow pages". I think this type should have the following fields: name, phone, email, url, signature, archive location, owner (of the database entry (see my previous feature request)
  • I don't think so. The library lists resources, not people.

    That said, with the move to a new -- more relational -- data model, they could consider allowing this. I suspect it might present some UI problems though.
  • The idea for the item type "expert" results from the wish, that I want to organize the knowledge in our company for the different R&D projects and the fact that a lot of knowledge is not found in literature, books,.. but in human experts. So it would be nice having one tool like zotero for collecting everything around a project at one place: literature, patents, ... and experts.

    So if one looks for expert as a new entry type, tagging, folders, annotations,... could be used in the same manner as for anything else.
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