Unnamed letters as related items

In most parts of the interface, unnamed letters show up as if they were entitled: [Letter to Recipient] (as in the center pane, or when selecting references to insert citations or mark related items), or [Letter to Recipent, Date], as at the top of the panel when editing a child note. This is great, since letters very often don't have a title of their own.

That said, when an item in Zotero has a related Letter item and that Letter item has no explicit title, then the Related tab shows just the letter icon and no title; similarly, if a note has a related Letter, the bottom of the note panel still shows "Related: [click here]". If I click there, then the pop-up shows an item with the letter icon and no title.

In all these locations, the implicit title of [Letter to Recipient] or [Letter to Recipient, Date] should be used.
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