Retracted article - move item into Retracted item folder

Hi all,

why is it not possible to move items from MyLibrary into Retracted item-folder? I have recently downloaded a retracted article into MyLibrary, namely this one: - but it does not allow me to move it to the Retracted items folder, nor does the red x appears in front of it.

I have also tried to move it using right-click/Add to Collection function, but only 'new collection' appears as an option, drag and drop does not work either.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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    The Retraction is detected automatically based on the item DOI. Do you have the full DOI in the item data?

    If so, and the retraction was recent, it may just be the case that it hasn’t yet been added to the Retraction Watch database that Zotero uses to flag retracted items.
  • Yes, it has:

    It has been added to the Retraction Database I have checked.
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    @KorosiK But as @bwiernik said, do you have the complete DOI in the item data? When I imported this article into zotero, it was immediately flagged as retracted
  • Strange :)

    When I first downloaded it, it got no flag at all, just the word Retracted. A minute age I downloaded it again. For the 2nd attempt, it got the flag and has been automatically added to the Retracted folder - together with the previous version. So, it might have been a temporary problem. Thanks, guys, for checking.
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