Common fields for all entry items


I think it would be nice, if there exist a group of fields which are common to all entry types. I have the problem, that I want to refer from a lot of documents stored as meta information in the zotero database (journal article, books, patents, ....) to an archive / bookcase / ring binder where a printed version of this document could be found. Therefore I need the (already existing) fields:
- "Standort im Archiv" (archive location) and
- "Signatur" (signature)
to address the place and the document in a unique manner.

Most of the entry types have these fields already (journal article, book,..). For other item types these fields are missing (patents, presentation,)

Also it would helpful, if there exist a common field for all document and notes entries like
- "owner"
Which gives the possibility that multiple persons could work on the same database together, but the entries made by different people could be separated by a simple "saved search".
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