New item fields in latest beta

Hello, I've noticed that in latest beta and Transifex, we have a few new item fields available. For translations purpose, may I ask you a little more details on what they're used for?
- status
- repository location
- identifier
- authority
  • Those are for Dataset and Standard.

    But "Authority" actually shouldn't be localized, since it's only shown as "Organization" for Standard and as some other field names for older types. We'll remove that.

    (Note that we haven't pushed a beta with these yet.)
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    Thanks Dan!

    So, am I right to assume that 'identifier' refers to a generic (or repository specific) identifier which is not a DOI, since it has its own field?

    I'm still not sure how 'status' is used though: is it regarding standards to specify if it's still effective or if it's abrogated and/or superseded by another one?
    (Being a latin word, I can also leave it as it is, I know, but I'm curious by nature)

    About repository location: we already have the the field 'repository', so this new one is for the URL of the repository and the old one just for the repository name?

    (actually I've only opened transifex and I assumed the beta was already available, sorry).
  • 1) Yes identifier would be a generic identifier number like you describe.

    2) Status is for publication status, like “in press”, “forthcoming”, or “advance online publication” or “online ahead of print”

    3) Repository location is for the physical location of the repository or archive (analogous to Publisher Location” for a book)
  • 2) Is initially actually just going to be for the status of standards (drafted, published, withdrawn, etc.). I'd imagine the label (though not the content of the field) for traditional publications will be the same once it gets added.
  • Thank you both, very useful information!
  • Just to note, I added back Authority, since it's still used as the name of the search condition for all mapped fields (Organization, Court, Legislative Body, etc.).
  • Thank you for letting me know
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