Annotations from a collection [Feature request?]

edited March 23, 2023
Hi Friends, is it possible to get all the annotations (highlights associated comments, highlighted region and associated comments, and comments from items in a collection. One possibility is to generate a report from it which would have already extracted annotations but not the ones which are just on the pdf. It will also have additional information which is unnecessary perhaps. I'm interested in the text/area I've interacted with through highlights or comments in items in a collection. Is this possible by any chance? or possible to change settings of what goes into the report to produce this result. Additionally if this can possibly happen in the order in which those annotations were created, it would be very helpful. Thank you so much for all the good work.
  • If I'm understanding you, select all items in collection → right-click → Create Note from Annotations.
  • Yes, this gets the main output wanted. Thank you so much.

    By any chance the colors of higlights can also come into note created from annotations? It'd be even more helpful where color coding is used.
  • edited March 25, 2023
    Found it! brilliant. It can be toggled "Show/Hide annotation colors" using three dot(...) menu on top right of the note. Thank you
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