How to display URL in column view?

Is there a way to display the URLs as a column in the main section of Zotero (i.e., like title, creator, date, Year, etc.)? When I right-click on the column headings, URLs is not among the choices of additional fields to display.
  • URL cannot be added as a column. They wouldn’t be clickable, and URL isn’t really a field that can be meaningfully sorted on, so there isn’t much reason to have it as a column in the center pane. When you select the item, you can click the URL label in the right pane to open the URL in your browser.
  • What I really want to do is scan all the references in a collection to see if any do not include a URL. If the URLs displayed as a column, it would be easy to scan the references.
    Is there another way to quickly check?
  • advanced search would work

    Check "Include only top level Items" and match=" all"

    Collection -- is -- [collection name]
    URL -- does not contain -- [leave blank]

    Will show all items without a URL
  • > URL isn’t really a field that can be meaningfully sorted on

    Actually it is, this would be a good way to group web pages by website.
    A website title column would be great too, but it seems that the extensions seldom fill it anyway.
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