Cannot Open Zotero After Update

Good Afternoon,

I have been using Zotero since 2019/2020 and have had it installed on my MacBook Pro. However, after I installed an update of Zotero most recently on March 2nd, I was not able to open anything at all. Nothing will open up and all of my research material is there. I need that material as I am working on writing a book chapter to be published by the end of this month, this chapter is due and I have not been able to complete anything.

Can someone please help me?
  • Nothing will open up
    What do you mean by this, exactly?

    If you're saying the app won't open at all, you should try reinstalling Zotero from the download page. Your data won't be affected.
  • Yes, I mean the app will not open on my computer at all. Okay, I will try this and let you know what happens.

    Thank you!
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