Articles not visible on my iPad

Previously, I used WebDAV to sync all data and files. Yesterday, I started using Zotero to sync attachment files in my library by subscribing to the paid version. However, all the articles that I saved today are not visible on my iPad, despite being visible on two computers and the Zotero web library from my browser. From my iPad, I can see the name of the subcollection - "statistical" that I created today but it is empty. Can you please help me identify the issue and suggest a solution?
  • See Changes Not Syncing.

    There's only one item in that collection in your online library.

    (This wouldn't have anything to do with file syncing.)
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, there is only one item. But I cannot see that item yesterday.
    This subcollection is an example.

    I solved this problem by logging out first and logging in.
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