Opening certain non-standard size PDFs crashes the iOS app (workaround found)

Not sure if this has been addressed before, apologies if yes.

Prompted by Zotero, this is a crash report and a workaround to resolve an issue with certain types of PDFs. By 'size' I refer to the dimensions of the PDF pages, not the size of the file.

The crash report ID is 2013491426, the Zotero iOs version 1.0.11.

Zotero crashes when opening certain PDFs, namely, those downloaded from JSTOR. While the crash report does not specify the cause, I suspect this is because the first page of JSTOR PDFs is extra wide, i.e., its dimensions differ from the subsequent (standard-size) pages. The issue was resolved when I manually deleted the first page in Preview, saved the edited file, synced Zotero, and redownloaded the file on the iOS version of the app.

I'm not sure if the same issue occurs with other non-standard size PDFs. While the workaround works fine, it would be great if this gets resolved. Cheers!
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