How to jump to another paper by clicking on a hyperlink in a paper?

For example, in the following passage

“One key but insufficiently explored critique of PES is that relying on extrinsic, often monetary, motivations for the targeted behaviour may undermine intrinsic motivations, potentially jeopardizing the long-term effectiveness of the intervention. Social psychology describes this as ‘‘motivation crowding”, in which external incentives can either lead to the reinforcement (‘‘crowding-in”) of intrinsic motivations, or their replacement (‘‘crowding-out”) by extrinsic motivations (Moros et al., 2019; Benabou & Tirole, 2003; Bowles and Polanía-Reyes, 2012; Rode et al., 2015; Neuteleers & Engelen, 2015; Frey & Oberholzer-Gee, 1997).”

There are many other references in this text, which are shown as blue hyperlinks. Clicking on the hyperlinks will take you to the references at the end of the paper.
My question is, if I have imported "Moros et al., 2019" in zotero, how to make zotero open the paper when I click the blue hyperlinks?
Further, how to let zotero recognize if I have downloaded or imported the paper when I reading this paper; Click the downloaded and imported documents to jump directly, and the undownloaded and imported documents can help me download and import, instead of going to the reference section, open the web page and use zotero connect?
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