Annotated MLA Style

I'm surprised to see that there is no annotated version of MLA in the style repository that will automatically include whatever is in the "Extras" field when you generate a bibliography. Does anyone have one handy? I tried to follow the directions under I downloaded the MLA 9th edition file but it won't let me open it in text wrangler, which zotero recommends for editing citation styles. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • you can just use the built-in style editor (under Tools/Developer) for editing, though Text Wrangler should certainly work.
    MLA 8 annotated is available here: I don't think anyone ever created a 9th edition one, but IIRC they're quite similar.
  • Thanks. I'm really trying here. But I don't have any experience editing styles in zotero. I downloaded the file that you linked me to, but I'm not clear on how to get it into zotero. When I tried to upload it, it assumed I wanted to add it to one of my collections. I like zotero a lot, but I wish features like these were more accessible to people who aren't super tech savvy. It's not even clear how to download style files from the repository, since all it asks you is if you want to add it to zotero. There's no actual download option.
  • You can download a style for the repository by using right-click --> Save link as...
    but you can also just install it and then use the built-in style editor, or you can use the visual editor linked from the instructions.

    To install the MLA styles above, just click on the style you want, then the "Raw" link at the top right.

  • Thanks, Adam. I got it working.
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